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Learn To Manage And Lead Projects Efficiently And Successfully


Business Meeting

From new professors welcoming their first graduate students, right up to mid/late career researchers that are given their first deanship, promotion into a managerial role in academia is usually done through academic achievement, and rarely by managerial ability.

A new series of job requirements means new skills to master and it can seem impossible to focus on management and science. Daunting though these skills might seem, management is just like science - skills and knowledge that is founded in the rigorous collection and testing of data. 

Azurigen is particularly skilled at providing training for these skills to scientists because we know how institutions work and are particularly good and determining deficiencies in managerial skills. We custom tailor our training and coaching to individual needs in based on the working environment.

As Azurigen grows, we will also be offering educational articles and MOOC’s (Massively Open Online Courses) for basic skills in a variety of topics we are passionate and experienced in, so please subscribe to our blog to keep up with what we offer.

If you have interest in further discussing our coaching or training services with us, please feel free to contact us.

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