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We Deal In The Details So You Can Focus On Science



Remember the last field day you had that was a complete and utter failure because of a minor oversight? Such as bringing the wrong cod-ends for a plankton tow? Or perhaps running out of agar media in the middle prepping for a series of western blots? These minor oversights can lead to great frustration, cost countless labor hours, large amounts of money, and potentially the loss of entire projects.

At Azurigen, we deal with the minor details so you don’t have to, reducing the chances of failure, increasing research efficiency, and most importantly – allow you to focus on the research, not the resources.

At Azurigen, we pride ourselves on concierge-level service and customer satisfaction. We are adaptable, and can manage any size lab/field/event project. From setting up your first lab, to dealing with permits for field research, to managing large scale multi-day projects for international organizations, we will make sure it gets done.

If you would like further information or to discuss how Azurigen can help you, please contact us. 

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