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5th International Marine Conservation Congress

The Marine Section of SCB provides a home for Marine Conservation Biology in order to further marine conservation science, research and public policy. Unlike other SCB Sections, the Marine Section does not have a specifically regional focus as marine issues are global.

The SCB Marine Section's International Marine Conservation Congress (IMCC) are the most important international meetings for marine conservation professionals and students.

Azurigen has taken on a larger roll in IMCC5, working with the conference chair and conference committees to implement their vision of the conference into reality. The role and responsibility is similar, but scope has changed. For this conference, in addition to all the management and organizational duties we looked after for IMCC4, we will also be doing all contract negotiation and management, consulting on the overall vision for the conference, and administration for the registration and abstract systems. 


"Azurigen have worked alongside our staff on every element of design and implementation for the 5th International Marine Conservation Congress. This is the first time we have worked with them from the point of inception for our congress and it has been a first class experience from the start. The business plan they proposed and drew up for the congress is the best I have seen in my years of organizing scientific meetings. It has facilitated a dramatic increase in our ability and capacity to find funding and sponsorship, which has allowed us to expand the scope of our meeting like has not been possible before. Our relationship with Azurigen is one we continue to be extremely thankful for!​" 

Edward Hind-Ozan, Conference Chair, IMCC5

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