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Conferences, Congresses, Socials, Workshops, Courses – just a few

of the names we use for scientific and academic events. Events are

one of the most utilized methods of bringing groups together for

sharing knowledge on their research, networking, and socializing with

colleagues from around the world. For many academics, these are the

highlights of the year and involve travelling to exotic locations,

becoming both an opportunity for professional development and

relaxation. However, events are just another form of project, and

they can get big, expensive and filled with details very quickly.


At Azurigen, we are here to help with your events. We offer an

in-depth, bespoke approach to event management, with a unique

talent for making memorable events. We have 10+ years in event

management experience, including multi-day events with up

to 1000 people, 100+ Staff & Volunteers, and budgets

over $500,000.


Using data gathered from in depth research, we provide expert

consultation to make the best possible decisions for your event. We offer a full scope of facilitation and management services for your events, including: budgeting, scheduling, admin, contract negotiation, website updating, venue, catering, etc.


We are mobile, and adaptable. Capable of working anywhere in the world, both virtually and in-person, we can setup something that will work anywhere, for any group, on any budget. Instead of just creating a great conference, we focus on fostering a strong community between local groups, the organizers, and your delegates for an unforgettable experience. We believe each conference is different and we adapt successful approaches so that they best fit what your organizing committee wants, developing new initiatives where appropriate.


We know that for many scientists and academics, the responsibility of organizing an academic event will eventually fall to them. Our goal is to help make sure that these events are successful, if you wish to discuss an opportunity further, our first 15min consultation is always free, and we do our best to ensure our advice leads to confirmable and replicable results.

Please check our our Event Managment Prospectus below or contact us for your free 15min consultation and to discuss our fees for further consultation. 

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