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Meet The Owner

Travis Nielsen, CEO & Founder

I grew up on a farm in Northern British Columbia, where I learned my work-ethic, love for the environment and love of making things. From where I started in the mountain forests of my home, my path to where I am now has meandered greatly, filled with hard labor, failed start-ups, and thrilling adventures.
The people that were closest to me valued education, and it was that value that made me seek it out. From short courses to full degrees, my education ended up being broad and diverse. By the time I finished, I had completed 15 years of formal education, including two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s. Eight years of my education was in marine biology, during which I received $50,000.00 in funding and scholarships and published two peer reviewed articles, one of which was awarded an editor’s choice award.
Having to work during my education to afford it, I accrued 10 years of experience ranging across all levels of management and leadership, from service/retail companies and non-profit organizations with up to $750,000.00 budgets and 120 people. I credit my successes in these endeavors to the people that worked with me, they made the job worth

I am always interested in new challenges. So please feel free to contact me, or check out my resume if you are looking for someone to make your visions a reality.

Specialties: Research Management, Event Management, Project Management, Organizational Management, Science Communication, Research, Data Analysis, Relationship building.

Meet Our Staff

Tanya Nielsen, Executive Assistant

I have spent most of my life and work practicing different forms of creativity. I am a writer, painter, photographer, baker, researcher, and curator (while ‘musician’ is not one of my defining characteristics, I was a music journalist). I love creativity so much that I wrote a Master’s thesis on the role failure plays in the creative process of making art (it’s a vital one). My interest has always been in the ability to take some words and turn them into poetry, make a few brushstrokes become a painting, and mixing some ingredients into a pie. Though I love the process, I also celebrate the product … especially if it’s chocolate cream or blueberry.


I learned the most about the creative process and celebrating the product when I was working on my Bachelor of Fine Arts. My focus was on gallery administration, specifically the curatorial work of applying for a space, fundraising, promoting, finding artists, artworks and guest lecturers, editing a catalogue, and planning an opening night. I enjoyed the opening nights because I was surrounded by hundreds of people excited with the first night while I was reveling in that fact that I was done.


The exhibitions I worked on for universities and museums were intense labours of love, yet I enjoyed every moment of it because I believe that art, history, and science have important messages for people. I believe in communicating those messages.


During my time in school and working for museums, I learned that it takes great people, a lot of work and time, and art that speaks to a community, to make an exhibition. I This is what I bring to planning events.


I provide a creative and artistic aspect to events, and work well with those in both the sciences and humanities. I cross the border between these schools of thought and find ways to display information in a way that is accessible to people, and entertaining.

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